Flat DC motor

The flat DC motor features a unique and practical design structure. The motor was awarded second prize for technological progress in a contest held in Shenzhen, and was also granted a national patent. The motor is well suited for electronic products with limited space. Due to it’s small size and available built-in vibrator, the product is widely used in wearable products, health care products, mobile phones, and tablet PC’s.

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Dimension(mm) Voltage(V) No-Load Current(mA) No-load Speed(rpm) Load Torque(mNm) Max. Output Power(W) PDF
20*7 3.0 28 9200 0.3 0.29
Dimension(mm) Voltage(V) Current(mA) Speed(rpm) Terminal Resistance(Ω) Stall Current(mA) PDF
7*2 3.0 70 10000 54/100 90
8*2 3.0 70 11000 30/60 90
10*2 3.0 60 13500 30/58 95
12*3.4 3.0 60 11000 32/59 90


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