China’s robot market (including UAV) will exceed $120 billion by 2024

source: key word: time:2020-07-15

IDC, a market research institution, predicts that the global market for robots and UAV will grow at an average annual compound rate of 20.1 % between 2020 and 2024, and it will reach $274.62 billion by 2024. While, China, as the world’s largest market for robots (including UAV), is expected to account for 38% of the global total in 2020, with total spending of US $47.38 billion, and 44% of the global total by 2024, with a scale of US $121.12 billion. 

Constar has developed a variety of structures and specifications of robot motors, UVA drive motors and gimbal motors, which are widely used in all kinds of small robots and UAVs, to facilitate the rapid development of China’s robot and UAV industry.




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